Total Mobile Asset Management Solutions

At the heart of Technetium’s offering is our award-winning proprietary in-house developed powerful generic tracking engine – TeamTrak©. The technology is based on a customizable generic business rules-based tracking engine with easily configured industry specific wrappers. This allows the technology to seamlessly address a wide range of industries.

In a world where data and information is generated daily, from a myriad of sources, Technetium understands the need not to be tied to any one specific data resource. Our solutions have the capability to use variable data devices (passive and active RFID, barcodes, Smartphone, GPS, touch memory, etc) and interface with different 3rd party data systems including ERP systems, financial packages and asset registries.




Award-winning innovative software management suite for asset management and tracking

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RFID (Active / Passive)



Tracking with Radio Frequency ID using both active and passive tags

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Barcode with GPRS



Barcode tracking using GPRS cellular data networks for real-time data transfers

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Customizable solutions for a large variety of markets and industries

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