Case Studies

When a large City needs automatic monitoring of their refuse bin collections

The City of Johannesburg has selected Technetium's passive tag technology to manage and control the collection of over 750,000 commercial and residential wheelie-bins around the city for their fleet of 200 trucks equipped with Technetium's GPS/GPRS and RFID readers.

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When the service and cleaning activities needs to be monitored and managed at one of the world's Largest Casino Resorts

The management of the cleaning teams at the largest Casino resort in Australia can present quite a challenge to oversee, document and control each and every area within vast complex without Technetium's TeamTrak using QR-Codes and customized Smart Phone scanning applications.

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When the largest Medical Insurance Company needs tight controls on their computer assets

The data take-on, asset registering, maintenance management and stock takes of thousands of laptops, PC's and servers in a large National Medical Insurance can be a difficult task without Technetium's TeamTrak using 1D and 2D barcode scanning.

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When a large Government Hospital needs real-time monitoring of their high value medical equipment

The speed at which Hospital staff can find a critical piece of medical equipment in good working order can have a huge difference on the outcome of a patients wellbeing. Find out how Technetium's active tag technology reduced response times from over 15 minutes to under 3 minutes.

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When a country's environmental regulations requires all medical waste generated by all hospital needs to be monitored and accounted for throughout the waste's disposal life-cycle

Working with the major Medical Waste Management Companies, Technetium tracks and manages the drop off, collection, transportation, disposal and documentation of all medical waste containers at over 3,370 medical facilities country wide, using GPRS enabled barcode scanners.

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