Barcode with GPRS real-time data transfers

Although there is a strong drive in General Industry to adopt the latest data capturing technology advancements, Technetium recognizes that the traditional data capture methods still work well and in some cases form the backbone of existing legacy systems. Barcode technology is the optimal solution for  delivering real time data input within areas that are not suited to RFID/Wired/Wireless networks. It is proven as a technology that handles automatic identification & data collection or AIDC, across a wide range of industries. 

It is for this reason that Technetium has developed its asset management applications to be completely device independent of the data capture method. The systems will work equally well with RFID, barcode, touch memory or other data capture methodologies.

Benefits of Technetium's Barcode Solution



  • Full secure global internet access to all transactions in near real-time, through function rich web based graphical interface.

  • Built-in GPRS engine enabled data transfers from the unit over existing GSM cell-phone networks, enabling immediate uploading of transaction information from any location country-wide which has general cell-phone coverage.

  • System integrates easily with Windows CE and Windows Mobile enabled barcode scanners including easy to use rugged handheld unit with icon-based touch screen and on-screen signatures.

  • Customized integration with specific hand-held functionality is possible, e.g. Camera functionality allows field operators to capture and send graphical images of specific situations for clarity and recording purposes.

  • Fully configurable alerting via email, SMS, pager or on-screen including location errors, schedule errors, delivery  errors and order fulfillment errors.

  • System can be seamlessly integrated into existing barcode deployments.

Typical Applications for Barcode Implementation



  • Tracking and management of reusable and disposable plastic bins in hazardous or harsh environments including  biochemical and medical waste disposal.

  • Ideally suited for traditional wood and plastic pallets which move over very wide open loop areas, where RFID does not exist or would be too costly to install.

  • 3rd Party containers, IBC's (intermediate bulk containers) and roll cages can be tracked with temporary or removable barcode labels

  • Corporate computers, laptops and equipment.

GPRS Real-time Data Transfers

Technetium has developed a unique solution which incorporates our proven software tracking applications together with barcode scanners that are GPRS enabled. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a high-speed digital data service provided by cellular carriers that uses the GSM technology. In other words the selected scanners use the cellular phone network to transfer data from the unit to a centralized computer from any where in the World provided there is cell phone coverage.