About us

Technetium (Pty) Ltd is a provider of innovative technology solutions for mobile resource management (MRM) and security. Technetium comprises a team of dedicated people with well over 20 years of collective international experience in the business of tracking objects of value. Utilizing the latest IT development technologies, the Technetium analysis and development team has supplied superior, flexible technology solutions to a host of disparate industries, in order to support their asset tracking and asset management responsibilities.

Technetium’s primary solution experience is the tracking of the physical location and status of a company’s mobile assets, utilizing the movement (and optionally asset state) information, provided by Barcode, GPS, RFID, Smartphone and/or other wireless technologies.

With operations in USA, Australia and South Africa, Technetium has considerable experience in such varied business cases as:

  • Intelligent asset alerting.
  • Auto-correction of asset movement information based on pre-defined rules.
  • Facilitating, via best-practice IT methodologies, the capture and receipt of both asset movement and transporter information from a varied number of external systems.
  • Rendering of operational and management reporting functionality.

Technetium is committed to providing the world’s most accurate asset tracking and management solutions, utilizing the latest in Smartphone Apps, Cloud Computing, SaaS (software-as-a-service) and other Internet-based Technologies, for the benefit of those organizations that simply need to know more.

Technetium offers a single total “end-to-end” integrated solution encompassing the consulting, hardware, software applications, systems implementation and integration and aftermarket support. 

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* DEFINITION:   TECHNETIUM  - Element 43 (Periodic Table) - Silvery-gray radioactive metal - Symbol : Tc